Meet Our Founder



The DREAM for M.O.M., Inc., (Mother's Of Minors.) is to be the gift that keeps giving.  Here is the plan they put into action:

Some will call her a fierce advocate for children. Others call her dynamic supporter of Mothers.  Andrea Clark is the Founder and Director of M.O.M., Inc.  Mothers’ of Minors.  The non-profit was created years after Andrea’s own children were growing beyond primary school years.  Many years she devoted to nurturing and caring for her God daughter as a help to their single mom.  Without support taking in more children to raise like your own can become challenging and being a Mom again requires a shift in mindset, education, resources and support. Andrea began to notice many of her friends, fellow Gen Xers, were in similar situations.  Responsible for babies or children that they did not give birth to, however their children or their nieces did.  Within the communities there were “babies having babies” a term used for young girls giving birth to babies requiring more support and services.

Andrea took a long hard look at her situation and asked the question, if the children are the future and they are to lead the way, how can we foster a sense of PRIDE to make it easier for them? She decided she would create a venue and event that would create an atmosphere of celebration and Pride, a community baby shower.  Realizing that when you have friends and family that love the idea of a newborn baby on the way they work together to plan and create the party to pamper the mom-to-be and shower her in gifts and essentials she will need before the baby arrives.  For some moms-to-be in low-income neighborhoods, the intention may be there however, they lack funds to purchase the high-ticket necessities or even daily essentials. The community baby shower ensures every new mom-to-be, new mom, and/or mother parenting a baby 0-2 receives at least one (1) large, high-ticket item needed for their baby..  Imagine bringing your baby home and you do not have a crib or bassinet to safely place your baby in to sleep. What if you cannot leave the hospital because you do not have proper care seat?  To natural nourish your baby with the healthy mom sources breast milk can be impossible if mom must work and she does not own a breast pump and proper bottles and storage items.  Let’s not forget the advantages playpens, cradle chairs, swings, high chairs, bouncers and bottle sanitizers..  When moms’ have the essentials for their children and can provide these items to care for their children it increases their sense of dignity.  M.O.M., Inc. has attracted over 1500 people and directly provided one (1) high-ticket essential baby care gift along with diapers, wipes, bottles, and other daily necessities to 500 guests that were; moms-2-be, new moms, or mothers’ again attending community baby shower. 


"Vision without action is merely a Dream.  Action without Vision is just passing the time.  Vision with Action can change the world."  Joel A. Baker






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