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M.O.M. can only achieve its goals with the assistance of generous donations from members of our community.



We are rebuilding the community ONE family at at time.



Please consider the following ways that your generosity will assist and enhance the lives of deserving single parent households in our community.


Sponsorship Levels


“Family Life Skills Empowerment Fund: The Road to Self-sufficiency”

Your monthly donation of $100 will go towards offering single parent homes the tools that are needed to make their family’s economic success a reality.  Seminars will be offered on topics such as: family budgeting, couponing, gardening, starting a small business and more! Resources will be provided towards encouraging each family’s upward mobility in their community by empowering them with the tools to be self-sufficient and successful.


“Family Health Education & Assistance Fund”

Your monthly donation of $50.00 will allow Mothers of Minors to shower new and expectant mothers with the basic necessities to promote the good health and safety for their unborn and children up to ages two years old, including needed items such as cribs, car seats, pack n plays, diapers, wipes and more at our annual “Showers of Love” baby shower.  


“Economic Justice Fund: Job Skills Training & Educational Assistance”

Your monthly donation of $25.00 will go towards providing job training and educational opportunities for our clients in need of basic skills and to assist their families in their journey towards higher education and a successful career. We are in the planning stages of offering a job fair, education fair and an entrepreneur fair for the community.


“Independence Fund: Emergency needs”

Every family faces an unexpected hardship from time to time. Your donation of $15.00 a month will go towards our fund to offer assistance to working families who find themselves in a financial hardship and needing assistance with utilities or rental expenses.  All too often, just having someone to assist in the moment of distress will allow these families the ability to re-focus on getting financially stable.


“Family Literacy & Art Education Scholarship Fund”

Recognizing the empowerment of literacy and art education in the lives of families, your monthly donation of $10.00 will go towards the Mothers of Minors scholarship fund to offer classes for  families through our community partner, Clearwater Center for the Arts, Inc.  

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