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Intake & Referral

Accessing Our Services


  • To access our services you must be a Pinellas County resident. If you are not a Pinellas County resident, we  will do our best to refer you to another Collaborative that provides services to the County where you reside.

  • Our services are catered to empowering and sustaining the family with concentration on the households with single parents; therefore, our first priority/obligation is to people with minor children in the home. If you do not have children we will do our best to assist or we will refer you to another program.



Information required to process intake:

  •   Picture ID (of all family members over the age of 18)

  •   Proof of income (3 current pay stubs or statements of income)

  •   Rent receipts or lease

  •   Social Security Cards (self and children)

  •   Birth Certificates (children)

  •   Proof of need

    •     Court papers

    •     Eviction notices

    •     Disconnection notice (electric/gas)

    •     Fire Department Reports

    •    Police Reports 

    •     Hospital Reports


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